Interest in joining European Risk and Resilience Assessment and rating agency (ERRA)

In the spirit of new EU policies revolving around non-financial reporting, such as corporate social responsibility, and the needs of a globalized economy, such as overcoming differences in compliance rules between different countries, the proposed European Risk and Resilience Assessment and rating agency (ERRA), based on the outcomes of the EU project SmartResilience, intends to help prove the effectiveness of efforts in safety beyond legal compliance and staying resilient when affronting new risks by means of recognized voluntary auditing performed by the network of partners acting through the agency.

The “support’’ means that you confirm your interest in favor of the effort to explore the needs and opportunities in relation to the creation of the European Risk and Resilience Assessment and Rating Agency in the framework of the WP9 of the SmartResilience project; this implies that you will be regularly informed about the progress of the initiative and be given a possibility to contribute to the definition of its outcome.

NOTE: You can read more on ERRA here:   ERRA Leaflet


Are you interested in joining and supporting ERRA?

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